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  1. Linda you happen to be such a tribalist and it really is
    so aggravating, if you like, don’t post this comment. See the trash Alicia
    is saying about Yoruba’s, yet you posted them. But people today that are attempting to truly reply and tell her how unreasonable she
    is for giving such improper comments, you purposely make a decision not to approve them.
    Alicia, your ludicrousness is totally unexplainable. A post that’s
    so heavy is posted and all you can do is trace it to tribalism, how does that even come in? Isn’t Lagos a Yoruba
    state? The Ibo persons that reside in Lagos,
    (like Linda Ikeji) isn’t Lagos a Yoruba state,
    why didn’t they remain in Onitsha, Owerri, Umuahia, and so forth?
    How does that even connect to this post for crying out loud?
    Be logical and don’t bring tribe into every thing, your comment is so mindless.

    Your comment is so off from the post. As an alternative of
    feeling sad for the victim and questioning how a
    Nigerian can be so incomprehensible and do something so senseless, you’re here talking about tribe,
    and at the similar time, becoming immensely gullible.

    In this entrepreneurs series, I will try as a great deal as I can to cover everything
    about Linda like Linda Ikeji family members and
    photographs. Most people today identify with
    the accomplishment story of Linda Ikeji, who
    at the moment owns 1 of the biggest blogs and is also the highest paid blogger in Nigeria.
    But only couple of know the pain behind the fame.
    Linda Ikeji is the second of seven children and a native of Nkwerre L.G.A in Imo
    state. Her family members had a humble background and she was brought up in a
    christian catholic home. The single on the internet entrepreneur, created a trip
    to Dubai with most of her family members members late final year of which she uploaded photographs on the online.

    Members of her loved ones who went on the trip with her are her father, her sister,
    Laura Ikeji (who also owns a weblog), her other sister, Sandra Ikeji,
    her brother (Peks) and her cousin Valentine. She revealed her mother
    could not go on the trip with them mainly because she was in the US with her (Linda) elder sister
    on what the Igbo’s contact Omugwo. Blogging has not just changed her status but also that of her family as
    she revealed on one particular of her posts in 2013, how
    she built a five bedroom duplex for her parents in her household town.
    According to her, the home took six months to complete, then she went further to appreciate
    her readers and fans who produced her story a results.

    Vera Ikeji is 1 of her younger sister and she is less well-liked than Laura, she lives in the United States of America.
    Laura Ikeji is the second in command soon after Linda.
    She has gained reputation that is nearly equal to that of Linda, thanks to her outspoken nature, she is
    the mouth piece of Linda Ikeji. Sandra Ikeji is 1 of the least identified among her sisters, she seem like a girl who doesn’t like problems,
    the direct opposite of Laura. Peks Ikeji as he is fondly named is a comedian in the loved ones, the only boy among the siblings.
    He not too long ago got a brand new Honda Accord as birthday
    gift from her huge sis – Linda.

    Linda Ikeji has taken social medai to the highest level. With LIS, you can turn your passion into money.
    What do I imply? Like I told you ealier, you can really make cash from LIS and I am going to drop 3 strategies one particular can do that.
    You are paid N1,000 for your story to go on LIS.
    This story must be original. To submit your story, sign in and click on “Submit Story” button. Each
    week on LIS, freebies, Airtime, dollars e.t.c would be provided out and
    this one way to add to what you currently have. In line with the video released by Linda Ikeji, one particular
    can basically make money from LIS if he has at least, 50,000 followers
    on his enterprise page.

    A couple of minutes ago, when I heard that Linda Ikeji had launched
    a social networking platform, I was blown away. I pretty much clicked my heels, because you have
    to admit, it is rather ballsy and ambitious. What if she in fact blows?
    If you think about how far she took her blogging, you’d be
    wise not to dismiss this so soon. I knew about 20 people today who study her
    blog every day and I was positive they would sign up for her
    social media platform. Until I decided to
    sign up and see for myself. Needless to say, I was completely uninterested in joining however a different social media

    I attempted to sign up making use of my email address,
    and I was taken to the subsequent web page which
    told me that a confirmation email has been sent to
    my inbox. Numerous refreshes on my inbox showed no e mail, so I waited.
    I still haven’t gotten that e-mail. Then I tried to login with the email, thinking it’s some sort of glitch, and
    this occurred. Guess who has to login with Facebook now?
    Right after a productive login, I just had to set up a
    profile picture and I thought that was that. But I was asked to
    update my details, an unnecessary step in my opinion, for the reason that it is one thing that can be simply changed in my profile settings.
    This my feed (which is in fact Linda Ikeji’s blog) and I’m already

    The featured deals tab, aka shop, looked fascinating, so I clicked on 1 of the items and
    there were only six products there. Operate in progress I suppose.

    If you are having trouble signing up, you’re not alone.
    Ok. I in all probability was the initial person to drop
    off from the LindaIkejiSocial signup approach. No respect for UX!
    If I wasn’t curious about the internet site, I also would have dropped off from the signup course of action. I did sign up, but I’m not confident I would visit the web
    page just after currently. Also, what’s with the washed out colors?
    It is like pastel meets fading. As for the home web
    page, it looks like a red Facebook, and this fact is
    skillfully illustrated right here. I wanted to feel more
    at home in the Linda Ikeji app. LIS is going to
    share ad revenue with customers, and it is a fantastic incentive that will make sure that Linda has a fantastic start off.
    The thought is a great one particular, and it also suits her audience base brilliantly.
    Linda Ikeji stated the web-site was inspired by two fans
    who said they only visited her weblog and Facebook.

    A preferred quote says “Give the folks what they want, and they’ll come”.

    Linda Ikeji (born September 19, 1980) is a Nigerian blogger, writer, entrepreneur and former model, most effective identified for her controversial publications
    and her media contributions to the improvement of the Nigerian entertainment market.
    Ikeji was born and raised in a Catholic loved ones from Nkwerre, Imo
    State. Immediately after graduation, Ikeji started blogging in 2006.
    She ultimately lastly stopped hosting her blog on Blogspot by 2008,
    but as most domains for her name had been taken, she at
    some point hosted the new website on http://www.lindaikejisblog.com. Ikeji has dealt
    with controversial posts about celebrities such as Funke Akindele,
    Richard Mofe Damijo, Djimon Honsou and Tonto Dikeh.

    She also produced controversial publications about Doyin Okupe who described the publications as defamatory.

    Ikeji’s blog was shut down on October eight, 2014, but restored
    on October ten, 2014 about midnight by Google for undisclosed reasons.

    Y’all know by now that I’m a show-off, so get more than it!
    Lol. So anyway, I’m certain by now a lot of you have heard or read that I’m ultimately
    expanding my business enterprise. Blogging will generally be my very first enjoy but I’m
    finally prepared to expand into other things and take on larger challenges.
    For years now, individuals have been suggesting to me to do more, be more, gave me
    various tips of other issues to venture into, but I didn’t
    pay consideration because I wasn’t prepared. I like to do issues at my own pace & my personal time.
    Immediately after practically ten years of blogging, I’m prepared for bigger challenges.
    So aside Linda Ikeji Blog, which you astounding readers have helped me grow in the last ten years, (LIB will be ten in November 2016),
    I’m developing four new brands beneath Linda Ikeji Media Ltd.

    The very first is Linda Ikeji Television. I’m building my
    own on line Tv Network. And in my new workplace, we built a
    studio exactly where we can shoot some of our programmes.
    Our Television shows will involve reality shows, entertainment/sport programmes, health/meals programmes, game shows, talks shows
    etc…and at some point even a series. Some of our
    programmes will also air on terrestrial Television. My aim is to eventually have my own Television channel on cable but
    we have to generate sufficient content material ahead
    of we venture into that..which is what we will do for the subsequent couple of months to a year.

    The second brand is Linda Ikeji Radio…but not a radio station like many have thought.

    It is an on the web radio (at least for now) and at the office,
    I constructed a podcast studio where we can operate…and some of
    our shows will be aired live. Then there’s LIS.
    Which I hope will be my biggest brand yet. Perhaps
    even larger than LIB. I will be unveiling that in a week or so, and
    I will need your huge support with this one.
    So, like LIB, I have 5 brands now to manage…Yay! I’m so excited.
    This is my dream… this is every little thing I have ever dreamed my life
    would be and extra and I can’t thank God adequate for providing me so much grace and showing me kindness.

    I pray favour into your lives also.

    I also want you to think that your dreams can come correct.
    Just preserve working and believing! Having stated that, I will be hiring new hands to
    help me make these dreams a reality and grow bigger.

    I’m looking for: a front desk officer/receptionist, Television presenters, editors,
    producers, cameramen, entertainment/music/crime writers, Radio hosts,
    sound engineers, HR, Accountant, Administrative
    staff, customer care, marketers and even drivers as we bought some company autos.

    But please do not send me emails with your CVs…I most most likely will
    not study them for the reason that of my tight schedule.

    I will do an additional post tomorrow or next here to tell you
    how you can submit your CV or come for an interview with my senior management.
    Thanks to all LIB readers who have been with me for years!
    This dream came true due to the fact you all stood by me by
    way of it all. I can’t thank you enough!

    From Instagram comedians, bloggers to twitter warlords, social media specifically instagram has brought about a new wave of celebrities and here are the
    list of people social media made famous in Nigeria. Woifada
    is a female comedian who has carved a place for herself in the social media comedy sector as she rolls out funny
    skits with celebrities and other comedians. The attractive comedienne became well-liked with
    her extremely funny videos on instagram, portraying sassy Nigerian girlfriends, sneaky Nigerian daughters or smart methods to get out of standard Nigerian problems scenerios.
    She is normally witty and has a tomboy personality and with a following of 166k followers, she
    is certainly producing people laugh. I do not know
    about you but this curvy radio presenter was brought to my attention by social media and us bloggers reporting every little thing she does on social

    Some of you may have identified her from listening to her on radio but you have to be honest that its
    the social media frenzy particularly about her curves that created her a recognisable face.
    This incredibly controversial Twitter war lady is the daughter
    of a former governor of Oyo State. Kemi Olunloye is infamous for beginning
    mega controversies in the social media spheres and we usually do
    not see the finish of the matters she starts before she starts one more one.
    Her mental wellness and state is constantly in question because she is fond of bringing unsubstantiated and ridiculous claims against public figures and
    celebrities. From claiming she has evidence of Linda Ikeji collecting 200million Naira from dasuki to alleging she has evidence that Olamide killed Dagrin and even accusing her
    own father of rituals amongst various claims with
    “evidence” we never get to see.

    She was reportedly deported from Canada due to this unstable behaviour and enjoys social
    media celebrity status as we all wait to hear the next controversial
    theory aunty Kemi can come up with. Issues just went up for the actor from there.

    As we say in Nigeria “God picked his call” and Etisalat swiftly snatched him up for endorsement.
    So that was how this obscure Nollywood comedian became an overnight sensation! Am positive you must have noticed these videos of the pulse guy asking typical Nigerians on the street seemingly very simple and harmless
    concerns. This pulse guy whom I have discovered
    is called “Chuey” has grow to be so well-known on social media
    that persons cross the street to the other side when they see him
    coming in actual life. He askes you benign concerns and hopes you goof and
    get them wrong and that is exactly where the laughs
    come in.

    He doesn’t laugh when you goof, in reality, he keeps
    a straight face and tellls you to “chop knuckle” providing you the false feeling
    you did excellent. This small comedienne discovered or sponsored by MacAngels is becoming very popular in Nigeria.
    Her interpretations or portrayal of your each day bbm broadcast jokes
    has warmed her into the heart of most Nigerians and even earned her a spot on stage with recognised comedians as she
    not too long ago performed in Julius Agwu’s show.
    This extremely vocal political twitter pundit is known for throwing criticism
    at the government regardless of who is involved ordinarily with loads of sarcasm.

    He likes to assume he is non partisan but some people would
    beg to differ as they feel his criticisms on this Buhari-led government is not as aggressive as it
    was on the previous Jonathan-led government. Omojuwa is not just a political commentator simply because he usually has an opinion about all the
    things earning him the nickname “twitter orubebe” for his continuous rants about well-known and trending problems.

    This instagram comedian turned rapper is performing quite nicely
    for himself. Falz the son of a pretty respectable Nigerian lawyer who
    is a lawyer himself began off with comedy skits on instagram portraying the life of a Nigerian boy with a deep Yoruba accent.

    Thriving in recession

    Linda Ikeji weblog began in 2006 and is worth N5million month-to-month

    Develop your overall technique

    ) Kemi olunloye

    Dated Dan Foster of Cool Fm in the previous

    Develop your mindset

    Have a excellent Linkedin profile:

    Linda Ikeji launches Social Network

    This one of a kind brand of comedy identified humour in the hearts of Nigerians who like relateable comedy.

    From comedy and this new discovered recognition he followed his passion in music generating a
    new brand of rap style and also releasing his debut album
    “stories that touch” a few months ago to constructive critiques.
    This comedy duo take the cakes as the funniest of the funny comedians on instagram.
    There is no other comedy style Nigerians love like relatable comedy since a common Nigerian would rather laugh at him/her self than let you laugh.

    That is why comedians like Basketmouth whose brand of comedy is relateable nonetheless thrive.

    This father and son duo reminds every Nigerian kid of fond and not so fond
    memories of expanding up Nigerian and the proud strictness
    which is learnt from parents and passed on to children. We all know this list will not be
    full without having Olajumoke. I currently mentioned her name do I genuinely need
    to say a lot more? This grass to grace story is usually the bedrock of numerous new generation churches foundation – unmerited favour.
    This struggling former breadseller went from photobombing a celebrity photoshoot to becoming one of the most
    recogniced faces, a model and endorsing quite
    a few brands in just a handful of months.
    Olajumoke’s story is an overwhelming tale of God’s favour, opportunity and luck which will have to be told an additional day.

    Do You Will need Our Help? Do you sleep, dream and breathe Nigerian Hiphop?
    Do you think you have what it requires to be the greatest rapper
    of your time. Linda Ikeji Tv brings to you
    a new series referred to as Bars, a rap challenge committed to prepare and unearth
    talented MCs in the Nigerian entertainment locale.
    This new Hiphop series is searching to give a platform where young unsigned rappers from the underground can harness their capabilities
    in freestyling, battling and song writing to the limit.
    BARS2017 Audition videos can be carried out in English and any Nigerian language.
    Contestants are advised to upload only one particular video and the on line entries will close on the 28th of Could, 2017.
    Be a Lyricist, be rhythmic, be witty, be spontaneous, be original, and most importantly,
    stink of swag. The hottest lyricist of this rap challenge is undoubtedly in for
    a treat. So if you seriously got BARS for days, come on and lets rewrite history!

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