5 Reasons Businesses Are Choosing to Use Co-Branded Prepaid Cards


Co-branded prepaid Visa cards with your company design and brand imprinted on the card offer not only a unique and distinctive way to promote your company but are also an attractive alternative to traditional credit and debit cards that do not carry the burdens and requirements of the usual private label card programs.

Here are 5 reasons why businesses are choosing to use co-branded prepaid cards on an increasing scale.

  1. Low-Cost Option

Most businesses who are interested in offering their clients a customized Visa card are offered 4th Line Embossing as an entry-level option, allowing for the inclusion of up to 21 characters – more than enough for a company logo or brand. 4th Line Embossing is a cost-effective and efficient way of making co-branded prepaid cards a reality.

  1. Promoting Brand Awareness

Some prepaid card providers will also offer the option of hot foil overprinting in addition to the basic 4th line embossing, adding a silver logo of your choice on the front of the card. This addition brings a substantial increase in the aesthetic value and uniqueness of your co-branded card, while still being more economical than a private label card that has been fully-customized.

  1. Substantially Increased Load Limit

While usually better known for decreased fees and a lower maximum stored value, certain prepaid card issuers can offer cards with a maximum value limit as high as $100,00USD. This higher limit combined with the more than adequate daily withdrawal limit from most ATMs can give your clients unparalleled spending flexibility If cash is required

  1. Shortened Time to Reach Market

Unlike co-branded prepaid cards fully-branded, white label Visa prepaid cards can take anywhere from 3 to 4 months to process before it can be brought to the market. This delay makes them unsuitable for companies which are looking to bring their cards out to clients as soon as possible and makes co-branded cards usually the more time efficient option for businesses and their clients.

  1. Streamlined Management and Reconciliation

Just like regular prepaid credit card, co-branded cards offer a high degree of accuracy and streamlined management services, providing reconciliation reports and real-time updates on every single top up and purchase made. The balance history of each individual card can be reviewed not only in a concise comprehensive way but makes reconciliation and management an effortless experience.