Machine learning using R course – All you needed to know

What Machine learning using R course means?

The Machine learning using R course teaches you about the basics of machine learning using a very approachable and well known programming language. Here you’ll learn the differences between supervised and unsupervised learning. You’ll also learn how statistical Model is related to Machine learning so that you can do a comparison of each. You also get to see real time cases of Machine learning and how it affects the society. Above all, you get to explore popular algorithms like classification, regression, clustering and dimensional reduction. Popular models like train/ test split, root mean squared error and random forests are also taught.

Concepts covered:

Most portals have divided the course into a lot of modules that makes it easy for you to grasp the concepts. Primarily concepts like machine learning languages, its types and examples are taught in these courses. Other concepts that are covered are:

  • K Nearest Neighbours
  • Decision Trees
  • Random forests
  • Reliability of Random forests
  • Pros and Cons of decision trees
  • Regression Algorithms
  • K Means clustering and it’s advantages and disadvantages
  • Distance measuring between clusters
  • Single linkage clustering and algorithms for hierarchy clustering
  • Density based clustering
  • Feature extraction and selection
  • Collaborative filtering and its associated challenges

Machine learning using R course requires hands on lab knowledge. It is good for you if you know Jupyter as it is one of the most popular tools used by data scientists. It is also desirable for you to have working knowledge of R programming as it is required in data analytics. Apart from using videos, most portals also have a virtual lab environment that enables course takers to practice what they have learnt. Learning algorithms can be useful for a number of fields like software engineering or investment banking. If you have already learned R and are looking for some advanced knowledge this is the best course for you.

Why choose the certification courses

Many quality certification courses have trainers those who are extremely experienced and can help with all your doubts. These trainers come from backgrounds of academics and industry. So, if you join these courses you’ll definitely be learning with experts who’ll teach you the best.

It is ensured that you get fluent with the course material through extensive practice modules. The courses are extremely beginner friendly. They use innovative techniques like videos and labs to teach you techniques like clustering, classification, regression, neural network and recommender system.

Therefore we recommend you to take these courses as it will greatly help you to gain professional knowledge. These certification courses will help you remain miles ahead in the competition for success and also give you an edge over others striving to get better.